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Global Token Limited debuts Smart Token ATM

Global Token Limited (HK:08192), a Hong Kong stock exchange listed company, exhibited at HK International ICT Expo, has debuted its Smart Token Automatic Teller Machine (TATM), immediately attracting public media interview and millions of views and likes from global audience ranging from bitcoin miners to convenience store operators. Upon its debut, TATM was highlighted as the poster child of “Smart Economy” by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the fair organizer.
Mr. Chen Ping, Chairman of Global Token Limited, stated “The debut of TATM and its recognition as the face of ‘Smart Economy’ marks Global Token Limited to become a world-class financial institution. Essentially, this is how Global Token Limited is named after to embody the significance of cryptocurrencies aka tokens to dramatically improve everyday life.”

Ms. Robin Xie, Co-CEO and Executive Director of Global Token Limited, outlined Global Token Limited’s current status quo and further endeavour, “Our TATM debut completes the critical part of Global Token Limited’s digital ecosystem, which consists of TATM, a digital wallet and a licensed brokerage. TATM is designed with innovative technology in distributed ledger technology, cryptography, and artificial intelligence. We offer unique functionality including instant purchase and sales of cryptocurrencies aka tokens along with AI-featured advertisement board.”
Mr. Jun Ma, CTO of Global Token Limited, further explained the technology, “TATM adopted cutting-edge technologies including banking-level fingerprint and facial recognition, know your customer (KYC), blockchain and artificial intelligence to facilitate the transaction directly from TATM. Besides tokens, TAMT offers vending service for various cards. It is equipped with three intelligent advertising boards displaying customized advertisements. Furthermore, TATM possesses the world’s leading layer 2 Booster of Ledger Technology (BOLT), ensuring transaction records are secure and immutable as vital to data security.

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