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AnthemGold proudly supports Zam Zam, an organization that utilizes long-range approaches to combating poverty and promoting sustainability, by providing the organization with 1 Bitcoin that has led to the completion of a crucial water project and community farm.

In December 2017, the AnthemGold team contributed 1 Bitcoin (BTC) to Zam Zam, a commendable humanitarian organization that promotes enduring quality of life in several countries through provisions and education.

Zam Zam has completed several water projects in a number of countries, including Rwanda. These projects provide much-needed rain-catchment water systems as well as livestock and vegetable gardens to help communities achieve long-term sustainability. AnthemGold’s donation of 1 BTC allowed Zam Zam to acquire the equipment and labor necessary to complete a water project in Rucucu, located in Rwanda’s Bugesera District.

According to Zam Zam founder Yusuf A. Nessary, AnthemGold’s donation has facilitated bringing two villages of Rucucu— which are among the most vulnerable in Africa— together for a common cause: access to clean, fresh water.

With this donation, Zam Zam completed the construction of a 35,000 liter tank— Zam Zam’s largest tank ever built— in Rucucu. In addition, Mr. Nessary announced that the donation allowed for the distribution of 30 goats, chickens, and 80 sustainable community gardens to over 2,275 people, helping to advance enduring stability in the Rucucu community as well as the surrounding Gataraga village.

Cynthia French Blanchard, President of AnthemGold, said that “being of service is a very important aspect of AnthemGold’s mission and we hope that this is just the beginning of a much larger relationship both with Zam Zam and the people of Rwanda, whose resilience, strength, and bravery we greatly admire. We are humbled, thankful and honored to be involved with such an amazing community of people.”

“The residents of the Bugesera District, who saw a genocide of over half a million people at the hands of forced marketplace executives, deserve the right to protect and create for themselves starting with essential accessible water and food,” said Anthem Blanchard, CEO of AnthemGold. “Our team is humbled and honored to be able to provide financial support for Zam Zam Water’s incredible ‘hand up’ sustaining efforts.”

The AnthemGold team is proud to support Zam Zam as it expands its admirable mission and carries out its water project in Rucucu.

“Through the #BuiltWithBitcoin campaign, we have been able to build an entire school and now a village of over 2,000 inhabitants can rely on clean, sustainable water for generations to come. From all of us at Zam Zam, we thank Anthem, Cynthia, and the entire AnthemGold family,” said Nessary.

About Zam Zam Water

Since 2014, Zam Zam has completed several projects in a number of countries including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Uganda. Zam Zam Water is an organization committed to assisting villages through projects that combine access to clean water and food sources with access to education, facilitating long-term viability. For more information, visit

About AnthemGold

AnthemGold is an innovative cryptocurrency that is backed by gold and utilizes blockchain technology to allow people to purchase, hold and spend gold securely. For more information, visit

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